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A GUI to input a small sentence and generate a 2D image from it using AI.

It is based on the colab file from Katherine Crowson


If your computer can't run the app, you can use the colab for very similar results.

There is more updates on the app on my Patreon:


The app is very similar to the colab, just with a few changes to the memory usage and an extra option or two. I plan to keep updating it on Patreon with more improvements.

Ok, what is this?

This is a GUI that combine two AI Architectures, CLIP + VQGAN. It let you write a text and it will generate a image based on that text.

There is a reddit for those type of images, you can check it out here:


How to use it:

This application only work in a decent speed using a Nvidia Graphic card, will take a long time to generate images using the CPU. (AMD cards don't work)

You write whatever you want the the text input box, and it will try to generate a image based on that.

Each line will be a new image. There is some tricks the deepdream community found during testing. Like adding Unreal Engine at the text might create more crisp results.

Using the special character | it will let the AI separate the word tokens, but usually I don't like the results using this character.

Usually you want something between 1200 and 1600 loops to generate a decent image.

First time using it might download a ~500mb model file.

Memory Usage:

This is where it get tricky.

There is a option that affect the VRAM that the app need. But even so it's require a lot of memory.

4gb VRAM:

  • Can generate 200X200 images using the Resample Image Model
  • Cannot generate images using the Konia Image Model

8gb VRAM:

  • Can generate 400X400 images using the Resample Image Model
  • Can generate 200X200 images using the Konia Image Model
  • Konia model use more VRAM, but it also produce better results. I will try to improve Vram usage, but can't guarantee it.

Once the app is more complete I will release the source on Github, just like Dain-App and FlowBlur-App

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