A downloadable tool for Windows

Important! You require a NVidia card with at least 12Vram to run this.

Step by step:

  1. Download the .rar
  2. Run "Text2Img GRisk GUI.exe"
  3. Write your prompts to the text box
  4. Change output folder (optional)
  5. Press render.
  6. If it is the first time running the app. It will download aroung 13gb of files (models for the IA) (Check the CMD window to see download status)
  7. After that it will render each prompt and save it to the output folder.


Text2Img GRisk GUI.rar 1 GB


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Hi! is it possible to use custom models from huggingface ? i want to use modelscope version

is no good, the downloads are way over 13gbs, pls don't download this!... just use stable diffusion auto1111 extension to install modelscape  to use this!

ok. how do I install auto 1111? is there a GUI version of the installer? since I'm not familiar with conda or python programming I would like to have a GUI installer that installs the auto 1111 server with stable diffusion and extension installer

Where does this download text2video_pytorch_model.pth to? The app keeps failing to download it after trying for 3 hours, but I can download it myself in 30 minutes. Where do I put the one I download myself? I can't find where it's adding a new file during the app's download. Thanks!

Also the locations of any other big file, please.

any chance for a linux version?

and I see the watermarks :P