Rife-App 2.5 update

There is the new two models, they are a work in progress. For now they are a little slower from the default models, since I already had a hard time making they somewhat decent to use. In the future I will try to optimize them more.

  • Fast Interpolation. This is a improved version of "Alternated Interpolation". For RL it usually not great, but it can work well on some animations. The advantage is that you can interpolate in 15X the same speed of 3X (It work with uneven numbers)
  • New Model Anime and Real Life are the new models.
  • Fixed a bunch of options
  • Had to remove some options until to fix it, like alpha channel. 
  • I am not sure how well the new models will work with 10bit videos, but I learned a bunch of stuff now that can improve it for 10bit in the next versions.
  • Let me know if you think the new models are good or crap o/


RIFE-App 2.5 2 GB
Oct 11, 2021

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Can you provide a link to installation instructions? I'm running into some confusion on my end. 


hi there, you should only need to open the .exe file
If it's not opening, it should create a crash_file.txt in the folder, if it does, just send me the error.

Can I know why is the audio output of the interpolated video not sync up? Like the audio is slower than the video itself, or the video is kinda stretched in a way? How can I fix this?

The audio should sync unless you select to skip frames between scenes. Do you have the input so I can take a look?

Ahh, I did select to skip frames between scenes. Is it not the same function as Skipping the scene change in DAIN-App?

I don't remember how Dain-App work for that, but this will generate less frames in the video, making the audio lose sync.

The Dain-App basically detects a scene change and simply skip the interpolation of that frame.

I bought this, but after running it through some Virus Total scans, why am I getting these results?



Pyinstaller generate a few false positives, but mostly work fine.

So there's nothing being sent in or out? no ransomware style executables?

Of course not, you can see only 3 of 68 give false positives.

When interpolating a 15fps film 4x, I only end up with 3x the number of frames. I want to interpolate from 15fps to 60fps. The folder using the 3_1 model only has 3x the number of files as the original folder. When I check the box to produce a Xfps file and set it to 60fps, I get two files are the different sizes.

I tried Dain overnight and I got the correct number of frames output.

4X should generate 3 new frames + 1 of the original. Are you talking about PNG files?

Deleted 2 years ago

I feel extremely silly asking this n00b question, but how do I update to 2.5? 

I bought and currently run 2.02.


Hi there, there is multiple files to select and download, just find the latest one and download it.


Got it - Thx! I neglected to find it in my library beforehand. 

Hoping to see Alpha Channel back again soon as I use this to interpolate transparent PNG sequence animations, before exporting them into DaVinci Resolve. Astounding app! 

Thanks. It is coming back soon, and with a better code for it as well

Hello, I would like to buy it if it can handle 6k videos whithout any conmpresion, is it the cas e?

Thank you

It really depend on your graphic card. 6K is a lot, I'm not sure if it will work. Maybe in the new "Lite" version, but I can't be sure of it.

From my testing with VR videos, the Nvidia RTX 3080 (10GB VRAM) can barely handle 5K (ex. around 5100x2550). Anything higher crashes due to running out of VRAM. Note that I had to set Data Precision to Above Normal. Data Precision Normal led to unacceptable artifacts.

I tried the "save memory" option but it didn't seem to help much.

New 'Model Real Life V2' is much better on DC animated movies than 'Anime / Animation V1-V2' 🤔.

This kinda of stuff happen, it really depend on the input.  Usually Real Life models are better for stuff with more depth, but not always.

Yeah, new models produce a lot of black boxes and blinking. But GUI is better :-).

It should not do that lol. Can you share the input so I can take a look?


Everything that is not 'Encoding: Codec: H264' (H265 or AV1) goes blinking or has black half-transparent boxes on any model. Other options do not change anything, so the codec is the only one that matters. I checked the previous version - all is fine.

Alright, thanks for the report. Will fix it on the next update.