New version very soon

Hi all, no, I was not sleeping, actually I been testing and testing and testing new models, training new models and then training more models for Rife-App and I pretty sure there will be a update for it very soon, stay tunned.

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113 days later is not, very soon


When is new version coming?


Any test this ver with an RTX 4090, and will it be fine for the card?


Hi, I noticed that you released v3.30 on patreon almost 3 months ago and the latest version on is still v3.20, when will the update be available? Also when will HDR be supported please?


What version? Why don't you release v.3.3??


good job paywall locking the stable diffusion gui . don't you get enough money from 500+ patreon supporters? l0l


Makes you wonder why you paid 25$ for this in the first place. Scummy

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Just use automatic111, far superior, and free open source